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“A one of a kind experience for a stay at the foot of the Euganei hills. “

The villa- elegant, comfortable and modern- is immersed in the beauty of an extraordinary landscape, filled with historic villages, nature and culture.

Accommodations at Botanical Boutique

Botanical Boutique is a location created with the right equilibrium between style and beauty, a space in which one can live and relax for as long they need.

Select an ambience that is cared for in every detail, close to the most suggestive historical villages and amazing itineraries, for an extraordinary vacation stay.

From here, one can easily reach the most famous cities of art including Venice, Padua, Chioggia and Verona.

Taste the local cuisine

Taste the typical products of the surrounding countryside, including dishes that have been elaborated over hundreds of years. A stay here places one in the midst of a land full of flavor- between taverns, wineries and olive oil mills.

Enjoy a glass of the most renowned local wines amongst the peace of the villa. Savor the most delicious menus proposed by the excellent restaurants of the territory. Marina will know how to indicate the best places to discover the real flavors of the Euganei hills and of the surrounding countryside.

Immersed in nature

Antique abbeys, beautiful hamlets, quaint roads and vineyards form the hillside landscape, one of the most beautiful of Europe. From the lodgings, nestled in the countryside, one can take advantage of the many trails that cross the most suggestive areas of the Euganei hills, such as the Medieval town of Arquà Petrarca and the thermal baths of Abano and Montegrotto.

The villas are an ideal place to feel immersed in nature and have the possibility to stroll through the greenery by foot, bicycle or on horseback.

Quaint roads and small vineyards form the hillside landscape, one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Relax the senses

Let the simplicity, the comfort and the beauty follow a permanence at the Botanical Boutique. The balances, the perfumes, the interior furnishings and the graciously fenced garden are at the guests’ disposal.

The Botanical Boutique was designed to be a destination of peace and relaxation in the cultural landscape of the Euganei hills, for a guest and his or her senses.

B&B Botanical Boutique
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